Pastor Ralph D. Graves Jr. is
a born again Christian and serves as Founder and Senior Pastor
of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville, New Jersey.
Pastor Graves is an anointed, multi-gifted Preacher of the Gospel,
Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant. He is founder and Vice
President of City’s Hope Community Development Corporation.
Pastor Graves is the son of Bishop Ralph D. Graves Sr. He was raised in a
Christian home and educated in the Christian school system. He continued
his education through schools such as Philadelphia Biblical
University, The Center for Urban Theological Studies and Covington
Theological Seminary.

In 2005 he obeyed the voice of the Lord and planted
Cornerstone Community Church. In 2011 he retired, as a Sergeant of Police,
after 20 years of dedicated service to the State of New Jersey. Pastor Graves believes
that every person has a divine purpose and design, and that they are already
equipped for their purpose. Pastor Graves believes that the answer is
intentional personal growth.

The Seven Universal Principles laid out in Project U
if applied will get you moving in the right direction and as you gain
momentum your life will be sure to change.

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