JTP Garage is a grease-under-your-nails trek into the world of big rigs.

Eric Brown, Founder and CEO, has built JTP Transportation into the
leading agricultural transporter on the Eastern Seaboard.

Now he has to make sure they stay on top.

With flat tires and blown turbo chargers, routine maintenance on a big rig is anything but routine.
From the JTP Garage in South Jersey, Eric Brown has to make sure
trucks all along the east coast are ready to roll each morning.

Eric is a hands on boss who started with a single truck and created a fleet.
His leadership style is less like a military general and more like a dad.
Eric must make sure his JTP family of Mechanics and Drivers
get the job done, day in and day out, to keep their place on top.

JTP blooper from Bill Forchion on Vimeo.

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