Words begin to flow

Oct 13, 2018

Not long ago I began to breathe again. And now the words want to flow again. A week ago began to share some of these words via this portal it was a bit tedious but I stuck it out. I hit save and when the screen refreshed all the words were lost. Everything had been erased and the screen was blank as if no words have ever been written on the page. What had happened? I do not know I resolved to believe they were not meant for the world just yet. I did not proof or edit as I wrote I let pour out my heart. The pain of loss and heartbreak. The difficulty of shaking hands with a new me. Discovering a new me that I have been spending years uncovering and empowering to take his place in the world. I new me that embraces the old me with gratitude for innocence and sacrifice and naive doggedness to push on and lay the foundation for the me I am today. The me that endure emotional and physical obstacles to reach here. Much work has been done and more work is to be done. A website renovation, goes with the presence and purpose renovation. A clear mission, a focused goal, a clear knowledge of self, a validation of skills and talents. There is only me to stop me. I day I speak aloud the mantra "I Am Enough". Each day I let my eyes look upon the words "I Am Enough". Each day I absorb into my knowledge "I Am Enough". I have now idea where i am going and I do now who I am and what state of being I will be in when I arrive. Now to let the words flow freely as I move on.  #IAmEnough #Billosophy #gardensofEva

Dreamcatcher BF
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