Apr 17, 2015

You hold the key to happiness. You hold the key to joy.
just holding the key will not start a car,
will not open a door,
will not unlock a lock.
We must partner our dreams, goals, and desires with the key to accomplish whatever it is we set out to accomplish.
We must take action.
Sometimes when you have the key but don't know where it fits you must ask for help. You may have to actually ask for some assistance.
You may have to humble yourself.
Yes, you may find the solution on your own, eventually.
But there is no need to postpone your happiness.
There is no need to postpone joy.
Use the keys that you were given at birth,
Use the keys you have picked up throughout life to unlock and share.
Because the more you give of hope, happiness, love and joy
the more you have to give.
And the more you give the more space you have to receive.

Dreamcatcher BF
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion