trash day

Jun 16, 2015

it is so easy to get lost in other peoples problems.
wading deeper and deeper thinking it will bring me closer to the end,
when all the while more see my interest and place their problems before me.
stay the course we are told.
must I see it through? even when I know I am on the wrong path?
No! a resounding no.
make mistakes. learn. move on.
fall down. get up. dust off. move on.
our own problems are more than enough for most of us to bear.
I lay my burdens aside. not for others to bear.
It is time to take my trash to the curb, I will place it alongside my recycling.
you may sort through it if you choose but I have discarded it because it is only burdensome to me.
as I release my problems I release me from your problems.
I choose not to fill my house with your trash as I empty my house of my trash.
I identify that this is my way, not the only way.
I turn from the path where others lay their burdens at my feet.
I turn to the fresh mown path, bramble free.
a path illuminated by the radiance of an unencumbered me.

Dreamcatcher BF
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