the terms

Mar 4, 2015

I may never be voted most sexy
not being most popular is alright by me.
To have tried my hardest and not to win is well...
Okay, I need to stop.
All lies.
I would like to know that my caring and kindness makes me popular.
It would be nice to know that someone covets me from afar.
Oh how I would frivolously spend my lottery winnings throwing money to help others and grinning.
My heart may not be pure but my intentions are good.
I will accept the burdens of fame and wealth,
yet not at the expense of my family or their health.
Maybe I am not to have these.
for my terms the givers are not pleased.
So I may not be most sexy, most popular, most wealthy.
I am happy, I am loved, I am healthy.

Dreamcatcher BF
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