the legend

Mar 6, 2015

In many cultures throughout history there has been legend, some say of a woman, some say of a man, and in some it is just a being that has the power to transform dreams. This being has the ability to reach into thin air and take grasp of dreams and imaginations and breath life into them making them real. With all tellings this person was tall in stature, standing a full head above the average man. It was also consistently noted the hands seemed to have experienced great toil yet moved with precise dexterity. It is also said the hands could deftly cull bad dreams and discourage them from existing. Not so widely recounted, this person would appear to those plummeting into the pit of despair to gently embrace them not allowing them to hit bottom. Among the different cultures this being has known many names but most commonly they are referred to as “Dreamcatcher”.

Dreamcatcher BF
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