searching for intelligent life

Mar 13, 2015

Searching to find myself is pretty ridiculous. I mean, because after all I am right here. I can look on a map and tell you right where I am. But what if I am not from here? I wonder if there is anyone else who feels that maybe they are not from this planet? At times I feel connected to a place that is disconnected from this earth. From time to time there is a longing within me to return  to a place that I have never been. A calling from a far away place that wants me to return.  Have you ever written something that upon reading made you question who wrote it? I just did. I have just strung together words that express what I am thinking yet would never come out of my mouth. Questions I dare not speak, for fear they will alienate me even further from those I long to, need to connect with. Words that make me feel lost although I know exactly where I am. I feel I must protect myself from you. I don’t think I am from outer space. I was born here. I grew up here. So why do I miss a place I do not know? What is this that I am feeling? Will the answer help me connect with my higher self? Will the questions drive me crazy? Until I have answers here I am. From here I will continue to string the words together in an order that tries to make sense of the that which fills my head.

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