Sacred vs. Sacrosanct.

Sep 4, 2015

I have until recently not considered the word sacrosanct. I had held the understanding that when something was sacred it was held in the highest regard. Now I have discovered Sacrosanct. The definition of sacrosanct is something that is extremely sacred. To be held in a higher regard than sacred. I had not considered that there could be more than sacred. My mind is opening to the idea of what is beyond sacred what more there can be. What does extremely sacred look like? feel like? The idea of beyond sacred the reality of beyond sacred rocks my world my physical world, my spiritual world. In my travels I have been to many sacred places experiencing the awe and wonder. I now feel that I am called to discover the sacrosanct places of the world. Just as I was drawn to find the definition of sacrosanct, I feel something deep within me needs me to find these sacrosanct places in the physical world to connect with my sacrosanct soul.

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