Mar 26, 2015

I died 5 years ago
the moment I let doubt overshadow hope
when I stopped believing that which I am was ‘enough’
and started  accepting “I need do more”.
I stopped breathing.
When I started listening to my ego
and stopped following my heart
it slowed at first, then it stopped beating.
Consumed by keeping up with the Jones’s (whoever they are)
I stopped dreaming.
There is food on the table but my soul stopped feeding years ago.
The shame is no one misses me.
No one misses what I did not do because it was not expected to be done.
No one knew that I was the one
the one who conjures the miracles
Unseen miracles are not missed.
I miss me.
As of today I stop doing what is expected of me.
Today I return to the place I died,
to the place I remain unmoving.
I have found the courage to breathe life into me.
We need, Hell, I need me to bring back the miracles.
I need me to once again close my eyes and see that doing things is not living life.
I died 5 years ago.
Today I resurrect me.

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