priceless masterpieces

Jun 4, 2015

creating is much like fighting for air.
the harder I work for it the harder it is to get.
straining to find it or create it only constricts its moving into being.
yet letting go allowing it to find its way out does not come natural,
to me.
when it is possible to create as when it is possible to breathe
it feels normal, it feels pedestrian,
it becomes common place and without luster in the eyes of the creator
in my eyes
which makes me wonder if it is possible for me to create something so incredible, so special, so magnificent that I look upon it with wonderment?
Is there a creation within me that when let out will knock me off my feet?
Or will I raise my standards at its completion to have it fall within the normal spectrum?
I create... and some say I create well.
I will continue to create and be a creator and I will leave the judging to the judges.
I will allow the viewer to accept what they will.
I will leave the appraising to the appraisers.
I know there is no price for the products of my heart,
no price for that which my head, my soul, my heart and my hands have collaborated on to bring into existence.
I will continue until I have mastered this that I do,
at which point that which I have done will retroactively become master pieces.
priceless masterpieces.

Dreamcatcher BF
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