Mar 9, 2015

While working with Cirque du Soleil it was discovered that I had a degenerated disc between L3 and L4 in my lower back. With the support of the amazing physical therapists and physiotherapists we came up with a regimen of exercises that would enable me to live relatively pain free. It is just over a decade  since this discovery and I have recently made some changes in my life, some changes in my routine. The result is I am experiencing some pain. So now I search to find a way to get this pain to leave my body. While some may suffer silently I have chosen to write about it ... my way.
The result of toil and wear has born in me a parasitic presence that feeds on my soul.
Constantly it gnaws on hope and joy.
Eroding all but the want of its departure.
wearing away, wearing away.
I long for its absence.
A moments rest.
I would accept nothing, if it meant being devoid of this.
Simplicity no longer exists.
This parasite has attached itself to simple, making it anything but.
Who was I before? Will I ever be again?
You are not my friend. Go away.
Your presence does not make me stronger. Go away.
Only in your absence will I be stronger.
I could use that strength to fight you now.
As silently as you arrived, will you please leave?

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