Mar 23, 2015

Nothing. Nirvana. The idea of striving for an equilibrium where existence is amplified by the absence of things is both welcoming and daunting. In living I am in a constant state of gaining more. More experience, more friends, more memories, more things. In identifying what more I have I am more greatly befuddled, trying to wrap my head around less. I have no idea how to un-tether myself  from the balloon of all that I currently know. I know how to learn and even the learning is gaining more. I am not sure how I gain the knowledge of nothing. I grasp at it and seize nothing. I question my action, my intention, my awareness, I gain nothing. Am I missing the point? Or is this the point? And maybe it is not for me to strive for nothing? Maybe I should not be trying to grasp nothing? Maybe the question is the answer and the answer is nothing. For the absence of the answer to the question may be the same as the absence of the question for the answer? I see that it is impossible to search for nothing as it is impossible to find nothing. In this discovery, this understanding I stop my quest, I stop hunting this illusion. I stop playing this game and I allow nothing to discover me. I empower the nothing to find me where I am. I allow nothing to target me, just being.

Dreamcatcher BF
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