New Year

Jan 7, 2015

The new year has rolled in. Every year as with every day of my life I am faced with new challenges some large others small to near insignificant. I have had to realize that pushing further with the documentary project would have been an exercise in futility. It just was not showing a path forward. I, like many other do not want to quit. I do not want to be seen as a quitter and do not want to be labeled as a quitter, so decided to shelf a project before completion is always a tough decision. Pure Vermont has to be shelved. I need to take the energy and time necessary to work on that project and appropriate it toward other more viable works, creations. There is a place in my mind where I understand that some of the basic developmental work has been done for the project so shelving it is not the same as trashing it. The project can always be revisited in the future should there be the want and the need to make it so. 2015 sees me developing some TV projects. (more to come on those developments soon). As of September 2014 I have set aside time each day to write. So, I would have to call myself a writer now. I am as yet unpublished but with the amount of written work that flows from me I would still have to call myself a writer. With yet another new category to check in my life I head into 2015 with plans to catch and share some very big dreams. I go forward turning ideas into actions in order to give them life.

Dreamcatcher BF
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