Feb 3, 2017

Wake up
Wake up
The dream has become the nightmare has become the dream.
I got it wrong
A revolution comes full circle
The beginning is the end is the beginning
A cycle of repetition
The revolution does not bring me some place new
it brings me back again from what I left.
Wake up
or I will be here again too soon
water flows into the bowl filling up to flush down.
Then it fills again only to do it again.
Same bowl different crap.
If I am the water
I want to fill the cup, not the bowl
to hydrate the body to cleanse the soul.
It is time to wake up, to break the cycle, to end the revolution.
I wake up and make my life a line.
From birth to death,
The next moment unknown.
I no longer will race back to a beginning I know from an end I don’t want.
The cycle repeats because of the perceived comfort in knowing what is.
In knowing I can prepare for pain.
I embrace un-knowing.
I have no need for pain.
The revolution which just began, has just ended.
It ended when I woke up.
I don’t know what comes next
The cycle is broken.
I lovingly step into the moment to embrace a loving un-known.
If a loving GOD is the force that set all hearts to beating
And that heart beats with purpose based on a foundation of love.
I have one prayer as I proceed with passion
“Love’s will be done”
I am awake.

Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion