make it stop II / Baltimore

Apr 28, 2015

I am a racist
I do not belong here.
I was born black in a white world.
who made this so?
and why have I accepted it?
why have we accepted it?
This world is full of color and yet we swallow
like the chemicals they manufacture to make us dependent on the chemicals they manufacture to combat the disease we have gotten from the chemicals they manufacture.
We swallow the idea that the other colors are meaningless.
We accept that to see the colors in the middle is extremist.
but only accepting the opposite ends of the spectrum is normal.
Those who speak of disparity are hushed
not by the ones who sell the rules but by those who listen.
I am a racist.
My children fight to figure out if they are white or black.
because each means something completely different.
one means they have to defend their history
one means they have no history
One choice or the other.
We have been sold and have bought what has been reduced for sale
that which we don’t want and don’t need.
What we know:
White or Black or Other, we bleed.
Each time we kill, a piece of us dies
The ones we hurt have families who hurt
We can not make sense of the senseless, so let’s stop trying.
I will stop being a racist.
Today I stop being Black.
I now am the color of my soul,
my color covers the spectrum of the rainbow.
I will see you as me
and within me I will know you.
My name is Bill a derivative of William.
That which I am, I will.
I will be you.
I will be love.
I will be light.
I will be.

Dreamcatcher BF
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion