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Feb 6, 2015

Could I have told my younger self, in a way that he could hear, about today? And all the todays it took to get to now. What would I say to prepare myself for the hurdles, the beautiful beaches, the deep ravines of living that must be lived? I did not know that accepting for richer or for poorer was the easy part. That finding a way to fall in love with the same person everyday for decades would be work. Continually discovering new parts of me is necessary to stall premature aging. Being a parent involves more than feeding, clothing and sheltering. Could the younger  me even hear these things? Yes he could, but he could not understand. Just as any of us can identify a foreign language but that does not mean we can comprehend the meaning. If I could go back and talk to the younger me, would I? No, a resounding NO! Today is great. Yes, there are things I would  like and do not have. There is a lot still left to learn. Tomorrow I need to wake up and fall in love again as I did today. There are kids who need food, clothing, shelter and love.  I have mistakes to make, learning to do. The younger me got me here. I hope the older me is happy with me today. Today I do not wish to race ahead and ask an older me what I need to know today. I will live as fully as I can and thank myself, today.

Dreamcatcher BF
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