I am black history

Feb 16, 2015

I am Black history
from Africa to America spanning the world, quite possibly
my DNA struggled to survive to make what is me.
My existence is a testament to survival fitness
my life is to nurture the future and to the past bear witness.
My name is the name that to property they gave.
My heritage my lineage is that of a slave
Yes, slave, property harsh words to hear
Great Granddad was born slave, three generations too near.
Granddad laid bricks played music and sang
Hope from Grandma’s illiterate lips, I sprang
A lineage broken in Georgia or Carolina south
passed on and on by word of mouth.
The legacy must pass through me to give my children power
for their momma’s line stepped off the Mayflower.
in both I  must help them see honor
for the strength and the pride that made me must endure.
listening and teaching and learning I press on without blame.
learning from the past about my past, I move on without shame.
Each new day, new creation I write a new story
one of survival, renewal, reflection doggedly pushing toward glory
I am black yesterday, I am black now. I am black history.

Dreamcatcher BF
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion