I too am Compassionate Creativity

May 3, 2018

Spring has finally settled in. The warm weather has hopefully truly claimed it’s place and the creative juices have begun rising like the sap. That was an attempt at poetic prose since the creative juices in me never seem to cease. There is always some outlet that needs to be accessed as a release valve for the creativity that constantly wells up inside me. I am currently editing the audiobook of a dear friend. We recorded the audio last year with sessions once a week over a couple of months. It was quite a fulfilling experience listening to Kali speak her words from the book each session. Now I get to revisit the words again as I listen to soul touching stories of her book “I Am Compassionate Creativity”. Many of the stories resonate at a deep personal level, although the stories of Kali’s life there is a common thread that is also in me. Each day I work on the project I am fortified by the words and the content. I am encouraged to boldly be me. I am empowered to find my authentic voice each day. I am eager to complete this work so that more people can have the chance to experience Kali’s powerful message in another way. As my creative juices flow I reflect and identify that audio editing was not something I set out to do as a creative outlet and yet here it is.

Dreamcatcher BF
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