Heading to Miami

Jan 20, 2015

As I plodded around the house this morning at 4 am wondering  “what lay ahead for me?”. Not getting an answer and not expecting an answer, I had a moment of clarity. I have been here before. Not at this very moment in time or even this place but at this metaphysical intersection. I guess it would be better described as a cliff instead of an intersection because here I was yet again about to take a leap of faith. I recognized this moment as feeling all too familiar. I felt this moment 10 years ago when I was about to run across the state of Vermont. I imagine this is what those biblical dudes felt like when GOD commanded them to do what they did. It is not for me to determine if my task is as noble or honorable as any other but this morning I head off to Miami. Fortunately this time I am not running. Throughout my journey I will keep my eyes and my ears open for the next instructions. As I move forward with the same uncertainty that we each face the next moment with I will allow that faith to guide me to places I may not find on my own. In the past I felt somewhat like a puppet being manipulated on this journey I feel as I have guidance. I am soaring with a legion of copilots who have vantages of every possible angle. My job is to continue on the path and remain fully aware of my skills and abilities and remain open to changes in course as suggested by my guides.

Dreamcatcher BF
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