Jan 9, 2017

From the moment before the doctor slapped my butt the music started.
This is my song.
I didn't miss a beat, this is jazz I altered the meter to fit my need.
Not everyone will harmonize well and that is okay, they can listen.
Some might feel inspired to move or wiggle or shake a leg,
well then go right on with your bad self.
I'll share this groove.
This is my song.
GOD looking down or hearing in surround sound adds an "OH" and makes it good.
If pride is a GOD-ly thing then my song would make GOD proud.
As I child the song was shy.
As a teen I found the volume.
As an adult my song is loud. loud enough for anyone to hear.
Temptation? Ha!
I don't have to give the devil a solo.
The devil can dance or step off.
This is my song.
You can't un-hear it.
If you hear it and it makes you move
I hope it inspires you to find your groove.
One day soon I roll up as you're moving along
And I'll hear you say "this is my song".
and I will smile
and keep steppin'
This is my song.
This is my song.

Dreamcatcher BF
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion