Draw a new map

Mar 31, 2015

“Aim for the target”. “Keep your head up”. “Shoot for the stars”. I heard all of these and more growing up and I did as I was told. “I aimed high”. “I pushed to the limit.” I discovered there may be another way.  In 2005 I ran the length of the State of Vermont. From the north west corner (Highgate Springs) to the south east corner (Guilford). My prep for this was run, run, run. The running was not difficult because I like to run. But running in Vermont can be difficult because no place in Vermont is flat for long. When I trained I would decide either how far I wanted to run or for how long I wanted to run. In the process of all this running I figured out how to flatten out the state. Keep my head down. When I ran I would look about 6 to 8 feet in front of me. No matter if I was running uphill or downhill the road six feet before me looked the same. No obstacles. Also by looking down I placed my body position in a constant state of falling forward. I leaned in the direction I was going. Everything was flat. All my runs became flat runs. There were normal flats, slow flats (uphill) and fast flats (downhill) but they all looked the same. I accomplished this discovery by not listening to what I was told. I did not keep my head up. And yet I found a new way. I didn’t overcome the obstacles I removed them before they became obstacles. I found a new way. A way that worked for me. I relate this story not as a means of telling anyone how to do something my way but rather to illustrate that I found a new way that works for me. Each of us works to accomplish a great number of tasks in our lifetime. Often we take advice from others on how best to achieve our goals. This anecdote is to say you may already have the solution, “Go with your gut”. Find your way and have a blast discovering it.

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