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Billz Blob
We are all unique and amazing. With this notion bouncing around inside me I offer to the world what I have to share. The words inside my head have reached to overflowing and in an attempt to keep from exploding I have taken to writing. What follows is the result of purging my mind. If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page.

Be what you are

Aug 7, 2017

Be what you are
It has been said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  I believe that beauty is a product of the soul. The beauty that is within us is generated from our soul from our being and what we identify as beauty in the world or in others is a harmonic resonance of our own inner beauty.

Aug 5, 2017

Gaining some new understanding.

Dreamcatcher BF


Aug 4, 2017

From where do you come?

no one seems to question the wind.

it either is or it isn’t.

yet we as a species struggle with GOD.

what generates wind?

not the stirred air of a fan.

not the gust of a closing door.

what makes that which blows the leaves from the trees?

what makes that which wreaks havoc in the trailer park?

we accept that wind happens

we don’t question why.

we don’t question how.

we do question an energy greater than us.

I guess this question of wind can be scientifically reasoned and we wholesale accept those reasons.

we accept that someone smarter than us has made sense of it.

if we did not accept the science and fully searched for an answer our brains would probably explode.

I do not question the wind. I ponder the wind.

for as long as there is wind anything can happen.

for if this thing that can not be contained or fully explained and conjures itself into a half existence can have a tangible and lasting  effect.

Then, anything is possible.

Dreamcatcher BF

There is no art without struggle

Aug 3, 2017

A Billosophical perspective of the creative process.

Dreamcatcher BF

Create !

Jul 21, 2017

Dreamcatcher BF

In the moment

Jul 5, 2017

no matter how much effort I exert,
no matter how much time I spend contemplating,
no matter how much I worry, fear or hope
I only have control of myself right now.
the future will be a reaction to who I am now and what I do now.


Dreamcatcher BF
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