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Billz Blob
We are all unique and amazing. With this notion bouncing around inside me I offer to the world what I have to share. The words inside my head have reached to overflowing and in an attempt to keep from exploding I have taken to writing. What follows is the result of purging my mind. If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page.


Oct 5, 2015

No one warned me about today, or yesterday, for that matter.
I wonder about tomorrow, yet cannot put much energy to it because I first must manage today.
Was I told that life might get in the way of living?
Did someone ever say the chemicals that make you wonderful could one day drive you mad?
It is today.
We are the same and yet so very different than what we once were.
When did the gravity of life increase to nearly crushing?
When did I become too weak to stand under the weight of living?
When did I start considering giving up?
When did okay become okay?
And striving for wonderful left to others?
When did I forget how to breathe?
No one warned me about today or yesterday, for that matter.


Sacred vs. Sacrosanct.

Sep 4, 2015

I have until recently not considered the word sacrosanct. I had held the understanding that when something was sacred it was held in the highest regard. Now I have discovered Sacrosanct. The definition of sacrosanct is something that is extremely sacred. To be held in a higher regard than sacred. I had not considered that there could be more than sacred. My mind is opening to the idea of what is beyond sacred what more there can be. What does extremely sacred look like? feel like? The idea of beyond sacred the reality of beyond sacred rocks my world my physical world, my spiritual world. In my travels I have been to many sacred places experiencing the awe and wonder. I now feel that I am called to discover the sacrosanct places of the world. Just as I was drawn to find the definition of sacrosanct, I feel something deep within me needs me to find these sacrosanct places in the physical world to connect with my sacrosanct soul.


Aug 3, 2015

I did not conquer my fears
I did not master the impossible
I fed three hungry angels
I took a deep breath
I sat still and discovered one beautiful thing
and then another and another until I realized beauty had surrounded me.
I felt pain but not enough to make me stop
I found a reason to smile and another and another
eventually I will sleep.
no matter what I wake up to,
no one can take away today.

trash day

Jun 16, 2015

it is so easy to get lost in other peoples problems.
wading deeper and deeper thinking it will bring me closer to the end,
when all the while more see my interest and place their problems before me.
stay the course we are told.
must I see it through? even when I know I am on the wrong path?
No! a resounding no.
make mistakes. learn. move on.
fall down. get up. dust off. move on.
our own problems are more than enough for most of us to bear.
I lay my burdens aside. not for others to bear.
It is time to take my trash to the curb, I will place it alongside my recycling.
you may sort through it if you choose but I have discarded it because it is only burdensome to me.
as I release my problems I release me from your problems.
I choose not to fill my house with your trash as I empty my house of my trash.
I identify that this is my way, not the only way.
I turn from the path where others lay their burdens at my feet.
I turn to the fresh mown path, bramble free.
a path illuminated by the radiance of an unencumbered me.

Dreamcatcher BF

The Procrastinator

Jun 13, 2015

All the things I wanted to do today, I did yesterday
I thought that maybe today I would take it easy
but instead today I did the things I wanted to have done by the day after tomorrow
because I thought I might be busy tomorrow finishing the things I didn’t get to today.
And here I am disappointed by my progress
for I am only half way through the things I need done in two days
and the day is nearly over
which will mean tomorrow’s task will fall behind as well.
A few deep breathes to clear the mind.
A few more to unburden the soul.
Okay, I am back on track.
now where was I?
Oh my, that break was not scheduled in.
Where does that put me?
All the things I wanted to do today, I did yesterday and tomorrow’s stuff is done as well.
the stuff for the day after is mostly done and today is half way over.
There is so much more I could get done today.... but wait ....
maybe tomorrow I will do that.

priceless masterpieces

Jun 4, 2015

creating is much like fighting for air.
the harder I work for it the harder it is to get.
straining to find it or create it only constricts its moving into being.
yet letting go allowing it to find its way out does not come natural,
to me.
when it is possible to create as when it is possible to breathe
it feels normal, it feels pedestrian,
it becomes common place and without luster in the eyes of the creator
in my eyes
which makes me wonder if it is possible for me to create something so incredible, so special, so magnificent that I look upon it with wonderment?
Is there a creation within me that when let out will knock me off my feet?
Or will I raise my standards at its completion to have it fall within the normal spectrum?
I create... and some say I create well.
I will continue to create and be a creator and I will leave the judging to the judges.
I will allow the viewer to accept what they will.
I will leave the appraising to the appraisers.
I know there is no price for the products of my heart,
no price for that which my head, my soul, my heart and my hands have collaborated on to bring into existence.
I will continue until I have mastered this that I do,
at which point that which I have done will retroactively become master pieces.
priceless masterpieces.

Dreamcatcher BF
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