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Billz Blob
We are all unique and amazing. With this notion bouncing around inside me I offer to the world what I have to share. The words inside my head have reached to overflowing and in an attempt to keep from exploding I have taken to writing. What follows is the result of purging my mind. If you like what you see, SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page.


Feb 7, 2017

I was last in line to be born in my house.
My eyes and my lungs were flawed from birth but did not stop me from getting here.
I have grown into my voice.
I have run from border to border to better know where I live.
I sat down to better know where I stand.
I have fallen for things and people.
I have held firm to beliefs and ideals.
I have stood in the shadow of greatness and learned to cast a shadow of greatness.
I can never go back to the beginning
Each day brings me closer to the end.
Each moment serves me new nuggets of wisdom.
Each friend brings more knowledge and hope.
Knowing what I know, seeing what I've seen
it's time to radiate life from the core of my being.


Feb 3, 2017

Wake up
Wake up
The dream has become the nightmare has become the dream.
I got it wrong
A revolution comes full circle
The beginning is the end is the beginning
A cycle of repetition
The revolution does not bring me some place new
it brings me back again from what I left.
Wake up
or I will be here again too soon
water flows into the bowl filling up to flush down.
Then it fills again only to do it again.
Same bowl different crap.
If I am the water
I want to fill the cup, not the bowl
to hydrate the body to cleanse the soul.
It is time to wake up, to break the cycle, to end the revolution.
I wake up and make my life a line.
From birth to death,
The next moment unknown.
I no longer will race back to a beginning I know from an end I don’t want.
The cycle repeats because of the perceived comfort in knowing what is.
In knowing I can prepare for pain.
I embrace un-knowing.
I have no need for pain.
The revolution which just began, has just ended.
It ended when I woke up.
I don’t know what comes next
The cycle is broken.
I lovingly step into the moment to embrace a loving un-known.
If a loving GOD is the force that set all hearts to beating
And that heart beats with purpose based on a foundation of love.
I have one prayer as I proceed with passion
“Love’s will be done”
I am awake.

at the intersection

Feb 2, 2017

The revolution begins at the crossroads
where reasonable objection meets moral obligation.
A place where continuing with the same is just not bearable any longer.
The revolution begins with a pause
a moment of reflection
possibly a full stop.
When it begins it does not move swiftly.
The movement is calculated.
For turning one hundred eighty degrees brings one back to the place
that birthed the path, the process that needs to be turned from.
The revolution should not be an evolution of the unwanted.
The revolution should be the birth of something all together new.
A new thing created in love
A creation protected by love
not nurtured in fear, doubt, frustration or anger.
The revolution begins at the crossroads.
The revolution may be simply staying put ceasing to move further
along a path that is unfruitful, unfulfilling, unhealthy.
The revolution might possibly begin nurturing the charred soil in preparation
of new growth, new hope, new possibilities.
The revolution need not be violent.
It should be caring, loving.
The revolution is inside me.
It is also inside you.
It lovingly aches to come out, to be born in the world.
It yearns to vibrate throughout the universe as a word, as a song, as an action.
We will recognize the revolutionaries, for they will radiate.
They will shine, Oh, they will shine.
The radiance of the revolution will illuminate even the darkest of places depositing hope, love.
There will be love in abundance.
Lay down your arms.
Open your mind.
Open your heart.
Each of us was created in love.
This is the crossroads.

Dreamcatcher BF


Jan 9, 2017

From the moment before the doctor slapped my butt the music started.
This is my song.
I didn't miss a beat, this is jazz I altered the meter to fit my need.
Not everyone will harmonize well and that is okay, they can listen.
Some might feel inspired to move or wiggle or shake a leg,
well then go right on with your bad self.
I'll share this groove.
This is my song.
GOD looking down or hearing in surround sound adds an "OH" and makes it good.
If pride is a GOD-ly thing then my song would make GOD proud.
As I child the song was shy.
As a teen I found the volume.
As an adult my song is loud. loud enough for anyone to hear.
Temptation? Ha!
I don't have to give the devil a solo.
The devil can dance or step off.
This is my song.
You can't un-hear it.
If you hear it and it makes you move
I hope it inspires you to find your groove.
One day soon I roll up as you're moving along
And I'll hear you say "this is my song".
and I will smile
and keep steppin'
This is my song.
This is my song.

Dreamcatcher BF

nothing / no place

Sep 9, 2016

I just went to a most amazing place. A place I have feared to go. What I feared was the unknowing of what I would find. I have always known the general vicinity of this place yet did not know it’s exact location. Well, I found it. I so wish to share it with the world and that is impossible. For sharing it destroys it. Sharing it complicates the understanding and awareness of what it is. Today I went nowhere and experienced nothing. Technically I was somewhere but in the moment everything dropped away. Everything dropped away. There was no baggage, no fear, no expectation, no story, no color, no shape, no hope, no desire. Describing nothing is a process of illuminating what isn’t there. Everything isn’t there. It is calm. That is the only description I have. It is calm. Everything remains at the fringe of this place keeping it in perfect balance, keeping it calm. I have finally given myself permission to enter, however brief, however fleeting in the nothing.

Dreamcatcher BF

The power of words

Aug 7, 2016

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.
This resonated poorly with me as a child and still resonates poorly with me.
Long before I had heard this saying my soul had been nearly crushed by a word. As a result I feared words. I did not want to wield them clumsily and possibly crush someone else’s soul. As I grew older I also discovered we individually place weight on words, we individually add power or meaning to words. I can give a word the power to destroy me. I can also give power to a word to buoy me out of the depths of despair. Which makes me question Do the words actually have power? Or is the power added by each of us as we receive? Do we empower the words to harm us? Do we empower the words to strengthen us? We have to answer these question for our self, individually. While I work toward my answers I will purposefully work to put together words that educate, empower and entertain. And I will infuse my words with the essence of my soul.

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