Cosmic GPS

Feb 12, 2015

People have said to me “You’re always so happy” and when I hear it I think “if you only knew”. I am a complete human and just like any other I have downs and ups. I am neither a “glass half full” or a “glass half empty” guy. I revel in there being a glass and bonus if there is anything in it at all. That mindset is a choice. It is far too easy to be depressed. If you think about it, at any given moment there are hundreds of billions of choices that can be made and for each of those moments we must choose one. Of all the things that can happen throughout our existence we can only partake in a very small fraction of them. What is not to be depressed about? So in life we must make wise choices to maximize our experience. Knowing there are so many choices can be debilitating, for which choice is right? We each internally hold the answer to that question. Each of us is on a unique journey “the journey of life”. Each of our lives has a purpose and a meaning that is only known to us. We each have within us a “cosmic GPS” system that helps us make the choices that keep us on track in life’s journey. Ignoring this inner guide or misreading it takes us off course. I had heard people say to me “follow your heart” and I did not have a clue what they were talking about. Yet here I am saying the same thing, “follow your ‘cosmic’ GPS”, “Go with your gut”. This is the source of my happy. Try to remember  back to the first time you used a GPS device. Can you remember the satisfaction of this little gadget actually getting you where you wanted to go? That is where my happy comes from. Every time I reach a destination, a connection with a friend, or achieve a milestone it is a miracle that I navigated through the billions of other choices to reach my goal. How can I not be happy? Everyone I encounter whether they are giving or taking is part of this master plan or grand journey. I don’t always know if I am heading in the right direction. I don’t need to know. I have to feel with my heart, with my gut, with my happy meter. Having to make one good choice, with the billions of options that exist, opens the door for miracles to be possible. When I think of miracles as being a part of normal life, how can I not be happy most of the time?

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