Black history month runs out

Feb 22, 2015

Quickly we race toward February’s end. We race toward normalcy, toward acceptance of oversight. For another year we will box up and store my history. Eleven months where black’s throughout history have at their greatest accomplishment received emancipation. I will, for another year, not be the face of an emerging population. I will not be a fresh voice for my people. I will be identified as an oddity among those whose company I work diligently to keep. In my neighborhood I will again be that neighbor, you know, “the big guy”. Yet, I will not have changed. I will still not be a very good basketball player. I will still not know how to do that handshake thing. I will not speak with the hippest terms. February will come to an end. I will continue to love my family. I will continue to create with great passion. My hair will continue to gray, if I were not to shave it off. My skin will be brown in the same way. My ancestors will still have been slaves. With their memory this path I will continue to blaze.

Dreamcatcher BF
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