Black Friday

Mar 26, 2015

Today is black Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday.
Everyday is black day.
Although I have tried, I have never been un-black.
I have been told it is okay to be overwhelmed by being me.
Thus making it okay to be my own burden.
I am black.
Yes, I can dance, I just can't dance out of my skin.
I have tried, to be less black for this interview, to be more black for that crowd.
I have bleached my hair.
I can not bleach my soul.
I have wrestled with myself, only to stop when considering who the winner will be.
I must unburden myself of the burden that I am a burden.
I must dance into my skin, dance into my soul.
I must, by loving me, let others know how to love me.
Today is Black Friday, My Friday.
Today is the day I stop bearing the overwhelming burden of being me.
Today I stop being only black and start being all black.
Today is when being fully me helps you be fully you.
Today is Black Friday.
Tomorrow is Black Saturday.
Each day will begin black and end black.
Forever it will be that way.

Dreamcatcher BF
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