being / doing

Mar 24, 2015

For the second time in less than a week I could not sleep. My head, like a freshly kicked bee hive was abuzz with activity. A call to action. All that must be done parading through my mind and yet this call to action was more than about the doing. Many times in my life I have asked for a sign. Some affirmation that I was on the right path. Each night before bed I go outside and look to the night sky wondering if there will be a sign. A shooting star perhaps? Each night nothing. This sleepless night was a sign. It also made me aware of the other signs that I have been given yet was not aware of at the time. The most prominent sign is in my name “B”.  I scanned my life last night. “B” business, bill, billosophy, brand, body, being. My life has become a string of “B”s. What does it say? What does it mean? It is not cryptic it is simplistic. “B”. Any reader has gotten it by now, my sign was, is to just be. Whoa Nellie! How do I provide by just being? I have a family. I have a mortgage. There are repairs to be made, vehicles to fuel. None of theses things get done by just being. So what must I do? There is that answer again “BE”.  It can not be that simple. We all know or think we know that in order for something to happen we must “do”. I have gotten to where I am by doing. I have done heaps. And now I should just be? I am a man of faith. I have been given my marching orders. Today I begin being not just being but fully being. Today and each subsequent today until the today that I am given new orders. Until the today a new sign is given I will be fully engaged in being.

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