Be careful what you ingest

Jan 29, 2018

( I wrote this in 2014 and it is pertinent today)
Bad sound can be as detrimental as bad food. Yesterday i listened to hip-hop on my morning (only my second run in over 6 months) to get me pumped. My ear holes were bombarded with self loathing, deceit, misogyny, and oh so much more and this set the tone for my day. My day was okay even great by some standards but seen through that negative veil it was horrible. Today I went for a run listening to my calm meditation Pandora station in the rain. What a difference a day makes. My body hurt embarking on my third consecutive run in three days. I will just say, angels lifted me. I ran farther, not faster, I finished stronger. I feel great. What does today have for me? I don't know but I am ready to embrace the unknown. Be careful what you ingest, if it will make you better stronger, empowered, loving, caring, whole take it in. Feed your soul and your heart will sing.

Dreamcatcher BF
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