at the intersection

Feb 2, 2017

The revolution begins at the crossroads
where reasonable objection meets moral obligation.
A place where continuing with the same is just not bearable any longer.
The revolution begins with a pause
a moment of reflection
possibly a full stop.
When it begins it does not move swiftly.
The movement is calculated.
For turning one hundred eighty degrees brings one back to the place
that birthed the path, the process that needs to be turned from.
The revolution should not be an evolution of the unwanted.
The revolution should be the birth of something all together new.
A new thing created in love
A creation protected by love
not nurtured in fear, doubt, frustration or anger.
The revolution begins at the crossroads.
The revolution may be simply staying put ceasing to move further
along a path that is unfruitful, unfulfilling, unhealthy.
The revolution might possibly begin nurturing the charred soil in preparation
of new growth, new hope, new possibilities.
The revolution need not be violent.
It should be caring, loving.
The revolution is inside me.
It is also inside you.
It lovingly aches to come out, to be born in the world.
It yearns to vibrate throughout the universe as a word, as a song, as an action.
We will recognize the revolutionaries, for they will radiate.
They will shine, Oh, they will shine.
The radiance of the revolution will illuminate even the darkest of places depositing hope, love.
There will be love in abundance.
Lay down your arms.
Open your mind.
Open your heart.
Each of us was created in love.
This is the crossroads.

Dreamcatcher BF
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved - Bill Forchion