A time to grieve

Sep 12, 2017

Culturally we pay little attention to grieving or the grieving process. Many of us do not know what it means to grieve. What is grieving? I could give a dictionary definition but instead I will dig deeper and pull an answer from my soul. Grieving is the honoring or celebrating of a loss. Grieving is the acknowledgment of change in a situation due to the erasure or removal of a feeling, item and/or being. Often grieving is used in association with the death of someone. We can also grieve for the loss of an idea, an ideal, a fantasy. The grieving process can be and is different for each individual and is vitally important for emotional health and well being. Grieving is often seen as a dark place, a place that should be avoided. Grieving is an important place, a place of learning. As manure is beneficial for the garden grieving can be beneficial toward personal growth. Just as there is a time to grieve now is my time to take a closer look at grieving.

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