a morning thought...

May 17, 2018

Step into your higher self. I am not sure I could say more pretentious words, yet what if there is truth to the words? And what if the words I speak are spoken to me? Well, now that I share this it no longer is just for me because I have shared it with you. The doubt that I have just expressed keeps me from “stepping into my higher self”. The doubt only serves as a backpack full of lead where the parachute could possibly be, where the parachute needs to be. The craziest part of this whole dilemma is that it is a wholly internal struggle. I know that as I recognize my struggle each face I look into faces their own internal struggle some as metaphysically simple as mine others physically life threatening. Acknowledging the other struggles does not diminish my own, it give another perspective by which to view it. The new perspective is also distraction from the process. Acknowledging the others does not attend to stepping into my higher self. Or what the heck it means to step into my higher self. Approaching the statement fuels the questions of what does it mean? How is it possible? How will I know if I have done it? And asking the questions I recognize marks my map as being no where near to my goal. The more I work this out the more it feels that I am attempting to untangle a knotted ball of twine from the middle with the ends attached. A difficult task but not impossible. 

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