2 create or...

Feb 4, 2015

the fight to create is not a struggle I have with the world, it is a struggle that, incessantly, wages in me. I push and pull, tearing at my soul to create something that is tangible and valid and worthy. if there is fear it is not fear of failure but fear of succeeding. fear of succeeding yet creating something that has no value in the world. creating something that falls short of what is expected of me. my expectations for myself are high. I would not hold anyone else to such high expectations, for doing so would be unfair. ego fully in check can lead to that which is the opposite of the ego  assuming far too much power. I do not strive for perfection. just like success, perfection is a metaphorical construct that can not be validated. anything created by human will have a flaw. it is the flaws that give any creation its uniqueness. I will continue to struggle my creations into being. allowing my flaws to character my expression. I will bring to life and to light that which is uniquely me and that which no one else could possibly create. In doing so I will honor myself with my gifts to the world.

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