Apr 8, 2015

The time is now. As a youngster I was terribly impatient. I wanted the special things to happen right now. So I impatiently waited.  I held my breath. I did nothing. I bided my time. I wish I could say that with maturity I have become more patient. I haven’t. I still want the special things to happen now. With maturity I do not just sit and wait for the special. I work toward the special moments. I create in the waiting time. Somewhere in my maturation I came to an awareness that some of the special moments are divine and some are man made. So instead of idly waiting for whoever creates the special moments to create the special moments I would create some. So I toil away in the waiting time creating moments. In the process I also discovered the specialness of now. Yes, now is a special moment created just for each of us. What makes it special? Just look around. It may be the people, places, and things in your life. For someone else it may be you in their life. Each time I find myself waiting for the special. I look around and realize the time is now.

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